Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New "Linden" Avatars

This tiger from Damian Fate is a lot like his Loco Pocos creations, but bigger!
What? Did I stretch out my Loco Pocos tiger avie onto a "regular" avatar shape? Nope. It's an avie from Inventory > Clothing > Intial Outfits > Animal Avatar Tiger. Along with a snot-load more avies, many furries, made by Pocos creator Damian Fate. Theres a bunny, a cat, a dog, a dragon, .... The list goes on, including several robots. Other creators are listed on some of the other avies, but Damian seems to have lots there. As does Renn Yiffu.

A poster of Renn's avies at his store.

Detail from "Linden Robot No11 LadyBot Pilot" by Renn Yifu, also among the new avies.

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