Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Trails Tree

Zyx Flux, my wee pixy alt, is my landscaper. To help keep my inventory under control I've transfered what I can for landscaping from my inventory to hers and all new purchases go through her. So when she found a wonderfully mossy fallen swamp tree at New Trails (SLurl), I just had to send her the money.

Zyx posing on the tree she bought at New Trails.
Without sit animations, the price is L$195 for Mod/Trans or L$1750 for Mod/Copy. She bought the L$350 Mod/Trans with nine animations (for two people), though the L$2950 Mod/Copy version was tempting. Hard to believe that something this beautiful is only 3 prims if you use the included shadow. Even prettier are the pose-free mushroom-sprouting versions near by. One day. One day.

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