Saturday, June 4, 2011

SL8B Parcel Markers

Of course building for Second Life Birthday celebrations is fun, but seeing the creativity of others is also fun, especially some of the pre-build parcel markers. Some builders, like me, leap in as quick as they can and drop down something they've been working on with the hope of winning a parcel. Others wait until the last minute or build off site. Often, people in these latter two groups mark thier parcels with a logo cube or something more special. Here are some that I found just flying around over the last few days. Not all the parcels were named so I have no idea what is coming, but I certainly look forward to seeing what these builders create.

Cute logo and name make this more than just a box, and they have a great location near an official Linden site.
Another "just-a-box" but so elegant and filled with promise. I bet there will be a red carpet.
Caution! There Be Dragons Here! This also shows the Cake Slice all the builders were given. It contains important information and makes a nice decoration. Lots of builders have marked their parcels with these.
This one is my favorite by far. It has the cake and many boxes. I've landmarked some parcels like this one so I can go back later to see what I'm sure will be really clever builds.
When the party is done and the sims are closed to the public, some builders just leave everything and never to come back. Many of us, though, leave something special on our parcels for the Auto Return Fairies as a thank you to Linden Lab and the Birthday Volunteers. Since I'm done with my exhibit I've started working on my special "goodbye" and I'll try to remember to blog about it and the others.

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