Saturday, October 1, 2011

Burn2: Inner Child Camp

Of the many wonderful Burn2 builds, some spectacular and some simple, I tend to favor the ones that look like someone drove to the Playa with all the materials they needed and built their camp from scratch. In another year, that idea was actually a requirement, but its optional now. The builders that follow it, though, really have to stretch their imaginations because of the design limitations.

Marianne McCann, Pygar Bu, and crew* have excelled at this task with Inner Child Camp 2011. It is not just a "camp" with a tent or a trailer with the Burn2 theme "Rites of Passage" painted on the side, rather it is a fun (danger-filled?) teaching experience that takes one through the various stages of growth from youth to adulthood. Sure, Mari and Pygar make it fun with trampolines and a camp out spot and other fun, all beautifully textured and skillfully constructed. Knowing Mari, she has some surprises in store, too, particularly after sunset (fireworks?).

Marianne outside the sleep out hut.

This is me having fun on the trampoline! You can see part of the "skills course" below, including the death-defying slide over fire! The little pads are trampolines, too.

A close up of the "death-defying" fire and in the background, some fabulous freebies!
So with all the beautiful builds and amazing artists on the Playa this year, why did I start here for my posts? Quite simply, I think this build above all really gets the ideas behind Burning Man and Burn2: Play, educate, share, celebrate, learn, family. My hats off to to the whole crew*.

Pygar, Mari, Nat Merit, and Robin Howe, assisted by Loki Eliot, Lorin Tone, and Robin Sojourner

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Marianne McCann said...

Glad you enjoyed our little camp!