Monday, October 10, 2011

Friends, Romans, Countrymen

As Burn2 ends and the cleanup begins, I look at all the names I added to my Friends list during the last month ...

Sorry, but some of you gotta go. If I don't work with you or sleep with you regularly, then you are probably gonna be dropped. Nothing personal.

I've long advocated that The Lab revise the Friends system into a Contacts system that lets us organize and set permission on groups. I have friends, business colleagues, staff in various places, bosses in others, acquaintances, and more. With the popularity of Facebook, Google+, and the like why can't The Lab direct their efforts to turn Second Life into a social network into a drive to have a decent address book?

Maybe this is another reason Google should buy The Lab ... SL Circles, anyone?

Honour McMillan stays on my Friends list. Check out her blog post about the Temple at Burn2 last night.


Honour McMillan said...

/me looks back through the blur of memories and tries to figure out which category she's in .....
Thank you for everything you did and everything you do - an event like this would not be the same without you!

Uccello Poultry said...

Bah. I didn't really to anything for your department, but your kindness and support helped me through the whole Burn2 experience.