Sunday, October 2, 2011

Burn2: The Insolence of Nature

The night before Burn2 opened, Garvie Garzo IMd me to inquire about more build time. It seems RL hadn't been treating him well so he had no prims down and time was very, very short. I suggested that if "push comes to shove? Put up a tent, set out a cooler of beverages, and dance naked." Then I sent him a tent I made, a nice cooler I had bought but wasn't using, and some stuff to make a fire. Ro Carver, a "boss Ranger," sent him a burn barrel and some box chairs. All that would have made a nice camp. But here is what he managed to "put together" at the last minute:

The Insolence of Nature by Garvie Garzo at Burn2 (SLurl)
Sometimes in a pretty garden ... the spring and the green of things have so humbled my heart, that I punished a flower for the Insolence of Nature. This is Garvie Garzo's first Burn exhibit.
I'm impressed. The stone figure seems a natural fit amongst the poppies and the well-cared for shrubbery. The installation description (above) is a bit depressing ... maybe that's just me ... but I find the build to be quite serene. There are many nice places to visit at Burn2, but I hope you make this one of your stops.

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