Monday, October 17, 2011

The Waiting Game

This is one of those "nothing is happening" posts so feel free to skip the text, merely glance at the picture, then move along to more important things. But today I was flying about in a parrot avatar on Las Olas Azules (SLurl), one of several regions that make up one of the most gorgeous tropical archipelagos in all of Second Life. It was so nice and the owner has a couple sets of cuddle pose balls out that I said to myself "Self? Bring your lovely wife here later for cuddles!" Then I answered "Why, yes, I will. Thank you for your kind suggestion."

So, here I sit, waiting for her. She had logged in but went offline without explanation ... probably a crash ... and I haven't heard from her since. Thank goodness I have my L$10 wearable beach furniture set from the fine folks who brought us WarBug aeroplanes on their bargain island (SLurl).

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