Thursday, October 20, 2011

Clueless in My Prattle

It can only be my fault, I guess, but I've gotten myself into a pickle. Either a Linden who reads my blog recommended me or my Haunted House (SLurl) got noticed this year or someone ... well, I just don't know.  But on October 31st I'll have a post about celebrating Halloween in Second Life on the official Linden Blog and I'll be replying to folks who comment as well as trolling the forums talking about ... what?

I need a topic.

I don't know. Maybe if I knew why the Lindens contacted me or how how I came to their notice I'd know what I should write about. In fact, I really need like 10 topics as Zed Linden told me that I should have several at hand in case things go pear-shaped and I need to resuscitate the threads.

For some reason, Zed Linden picked a boxing ring in which to hold our in-world meeting about my participation.

And it is recommended that I leap into my social networking resources for assistance. No, I don't Facebook, Tweet, Plurk (though I still have an account), use Flickr much, or even know anything about Orkut except how to spell it (I read that in a helpful notecard from Zed).

The initial contact asked that I fill out an application if I wanted to be considered to participate and on same I was asked to cite URLs for Forum replies or other bits of my participation in such venues. I knew of none. Search found none. Well, there goes the opportunity. Then I got an IM back ...

Maybe they are desperate. Really. I mean, I've seen who else is going to be doing what I'm supposed to be doing on October 31st and November 1st and if I've heard of them, then they must be SLebrities. Who? I shouldn't say yet, but think "SL's oldest Halloween attraction" and "famous October hunt" for a couple.

What have I got myself into? More to the point, now that I'm into it, what should I write about?

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