Monday, October 3, 2011

Burn2: Tutu Tuesday Tomorrow

Imagine it
......tutus floating and shimmering in the sun
.................clouds of playa dust being kicked up with each turn

What could it be?

No! It's not the Black Rock Ballet Company

No! October 4, 2011 is Tutu Tuesday at Burn2


And since not everyone has a tutu in their inventory and we want everyone to be able to participate, there are free tutus. Trill Zapatero, one of the invited artists, created them and gifted them to the Burn2 community. There are even matching tights. And the best part is the tutus fit all size avies from micro avatars to giant dragons.

PS if anyone sees a dragon in a tutu....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a picture and forward it to Kim Chihuly so we can preserve the moment.

This post is a Press Release from the Burn2 organization.

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