Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Burn2: Mutant Vehicles!

Art cars and playa bikes hold a big place in everyone's memory who has gone to Burning Man or watched the live stream.

Well, Burn2 has playa bikes and art cars, too. And the best part is YOU get to drive them around.

There's an egg shell car, a floating inflatable elephant, a canoe (with its own piece of the playa), coffin cars, a drivable teapot. Try them all.

There are nine cars for tinies too.

And playa bikes..old school bikes, rocket bikes.

One of the many bike razzers can be found at
Once you stand up, they derez so you don't have to worry about MOOP...and you can get another one whenever you want. So rev up your engines and motor down to the DMV or the bike rez stations scattered around the playa and ...get your motor running! Get your friends together and have a parade - we'll all stop and watch!

One of the many car razzers can be found at
This post is a Press Release from the Burn2 organization.

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