Friday, January 25, 2013

A "2" in Mare Secundus

The Mare Secudnus is a strange sea buried partly inside the Sansara continent of Second Life. Among the glowing moon rocks (seen here) and lovely diving spots (such as Gali-Gali at SLurl) is the now famous (formerly secret) LDPW rocket launch facilities in Okinu (SLurl) described in an earlier post here. What is not readily apparent if one sails around Okinu, though, is that it is part of a unique chain of small islands paired with those in the Zolezzi region to the north. Yes, unique in all Second Life as seen in this exclusive (until someone else does it) aerial view:

The Arabic numeral two is clearly seen from the right perspective. Unidentified speculators state with assumed authority that this is how the waters got the name Mare Secudus ... the Second Sea. Others, including this reporter, feel that this explanation is a bit too pat considering the placement of the rocket launch and the ancient ruins on the islands and around them on the seabed.

The ruins resemble many found in the Blake Sea and the Nautilus regions, but are clearly tied to other such ruins elsewhere in Mare Secundus (see here) indicating a vast former civilization.

For now only flamingoes rule the island of Oehler (SLurl), part of the giant "2" in the archipelago in lieu of the ancient fort that once ruled from these islands. 
Reporters for The Poultry Report have been notified to watch for similar formations as they travel Our World and will file any such sightings as warranted.

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