Friday, January 18, 2013

The Ancient Lesbian Empire

As you sail the Coastal Waterway in Second Life you'll find many interesting islands but there is one that really stands out, The Sandcastle in Valenza (SLurl), what appears to be the seat of a lesbian empire in Second Life.

Turn on your Gaydar and visit this lovely build. Everyone is welcome!
Lesbian empire? Why yes! Both of these are Queen's thrones. Really. Inspect them and you'll see the truth!!
Further confirmation? The jewelry in the treasure chests is for women.
And if you look under the pearls in the giant oysters you'll find more women's jewelry.
Seriously, it's just a fun build. I'm sure both thrones are for Queens simply because one was created via Shift-Click'n'drag during the build. Yes. all the jewelry is for women, but that is not unusual for gifts one finds in the lovely Mole builds that dot Our World. Big kudos to Naughty Mole the Linden Department of Public works for another fine build.

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