Thursday, January 24, 2013

Secret Linden Moon Base

New documents released by Linden Lab pursuant to court order under the Wewannakno Act of 1869 give evidence that The Lab does indeed have a secret space program has been confirmed.
Somewhere below the regolith in the Linden Lab secret lunar base, some of the Lab’s top minds have been tackling performance issues in Second Life. The areas of focus range from infrastructure improvements to server-side texture compositing to object caching (Project Shining document).
As part of the settlement that released the documents this reporter was given an opportunity to visit the moon base (and is waiting for a return rocket, but that's another story) over the weekend. The facilities fill a large crater with an extensive variety of labs, operations rooms, and even includes a moon shuttle hangar.

An overview of Mos Ainsley, the no-longer secret Linden Lab moon base (SLurl). Notice the three moon shuttles and the complete lack of a Earth return rocket.
A bit closer view as I jump from one building to another. The facilities are strangely empty and many of the air locks no longer work. There are few signs of recent habitation.

The greenhouse still has tomato plants but these are the only indications that the base has even been occupied.

The Command-and-Control center, designed and built by the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) is still active but nothing I've seen makes any sense.

Efforts to confirm that the program is based on reverse-engineered alien technology are underway despite the complete lack of evidence found on this base. The investigation will continue if when this reporter returns to Earth.

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