Monday, January 14, 2013

Five Questions for Magellan Linden

Last night I was jolted out of that near-asleep state I really enjoy just before becoming One with my blankie and pillow when I pictured myself stuck on a Second Life Ban Line right on a region crossing on a river. Worse was that I fought and fought and couldn't get free then while I was contemplating a relog I noticed in chat that my Magellan Linden Detector Ring had announced The Great Man was online. I looked down into the river and there he was! Sailing by and shouting up "Fair winds, Grid Explorer!" as he sailed out of shout range. And I was still stuck.

The Elderglen Pub.
Almost a nightmare (I have many worse in a regular week, I assure you) but it got me thinking: What would I ask Magellan if he took me up on my offer to stand him some drinks in the pub of his choice as fair exchange for an interview? Needless to say I was awake for a while, an arm's-length away from my iPad upon which I could have written my ideas had I not been a lazy kitteh. Now it is some 12 hours later and I only somewhat remember the brilliant questions that occurred to me so now I have to try reconstructing them.

ONE: Much of the Grid has assumed that you've been lost and needed assistance. So just what, in detail, have you been up to during the time since you appeared in Piranha in The Wilderness (SLurl)?

Magellan's Camp in Capybara, the Wilderness.
TWO: You have considerable supplies on the docks in The Wilderness and a small camp up high on the temple (SLurl). What can you tell us about this adventure?

Site of the Temporal Teleportation Experiment in Rodeo.
THREE: Related to your disappearance, well-known resident Salazar Jack famously disappeared during a temporal teleportation experiment in the Forest of Kahruvel (SLurl). This is eerily reminicent of your similar accident in Elderglen (SLurl). Is there any information you can provide that can enlighten us and perhaps help us find Salazar?

FOUR: Obviously you have some extraordinary abilities and influences as a Linden, but just how do you manage to get the Moles and the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) to assist you as they clearly are doing yet keep a level of secrecy that would be the envy of any government? These probably not new discoveries of the Moles using reverse-engineered alien technologies (here) demonstrates how closed-snouted they can be.

Magellan Linden has survived many a disaster (and many an empty bottle) so I have every confidence that he's still hale and hearty somewhere out there. This crash in Columbia (SLurl) is as bad as they get and he walked away from it.
FIVE: An explorer such as yourself is always on the move – adventure waits for no one, after all – yet we have little information about what you are up to at any given time despite immense interest. It is my opinion that if the Residents were made more aware of where you are exploring and what you are finding then a sense of excitement could be rekindled among the populace and a new Golden Age would befall Our World. Residents would have renewed zeal to explore and learn all that Second Life offers rather than, as it seems, simply crowd around InfoHubs, SafeHubs, and Welcome Areas, grumbling about how there is nothing to do and how much "this game" really "sucks" (yet they persist, making me wonder how bad their Real Life is in comparison). Would you please make an effort to bring back the spirit of your adventures by resuming an active blog? There is just so much that those such as myself can do.

Right. In the light of day these questions pale in comparison to what I vaguely remember "writing" last night, but likely I have time to revise and extend before a chance to pose my questions to The Great Man of the Grid ever occurs. I think better in the shower or when I'm half asleep. Maybe I should try this again some other time.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for pursuing a meeting with Magellan. I am quite anxious to see how this develops. May I point out something about one of your article links -- in the third question you post, related to Salazar's disappearance, you have included a link to an older incident that occurred in Rodeo back in April of 2010. Though that may be related (you'd have to speak with Salazar's great grandmother, Cessadia Thetan for her thoughts on that), the more recent "temporal teleportation experiment" of which you're probably thinking happened on September 13th of 2012 and is currently summarized on the home page at

Uccello Poultry said...

Thank you, Miss Grayson, for the correction. I'll fix that right away.