Sunday, January 6, 2013

MySL: What I've Been Doing

While I work on a big blog post for (hopefully) tomorrow, let's take a look at some of the snaps that have recently appeared on my feed on MySL, the underdeveloped but still popular microblog.

Spent a fair bit of time on my boat with my wife. An updated version was delivered about the time the Holidays hit so it took me a while to get around to personalizing the upgrade. Also, about this time or shortly thereafter I was made an Assistant Junior Harbormaster at the New Port Yacht Club. Bay City Residents can contact Alx Zeiler or me to ask about moorings and slips. (Original Post Here)

With the help of others on MySL, I was able to continue my quest to find Magellan Linden (as blogged about here). I moored my boat at the launch site of a tunnel boring machine that the Great Explorer used near Nautilus (SLurl). It was too late when I moored at sunset to dive for the tunnel, but I got a start the next morning only to find the hole had collapsed. (Orignal Posts Here and Here)

This is the control room for Magellan's boring machine. You can climb inside, too, as it is just sitting out in Mysehi (SLurl). It was clearly built by the Moles as were many artifacts related to Magellan. (Original Post Here)

My search for Magellan has taken me so many places in so short a time, including the Wilderness (SLurl), where I checked out a surprisingly seaworthy craft he used. Notice the LDPW logo? The Moles are certainly helping him. Check out this conversation I had with Silent Mole about just this topic. (Original Post Here)

MySL posts haven't been all about Magellan, though quite a few have been about my boat. It was a great place to test a "binocular" HUD ... just a simple graphic I could use to fake pictures as if they were taken through a pair of binoculars. (Original Post Here)

I find so many nice places from other people's MySL feeds. Sadly, the beach pictured above is gone. It was one of the most beautiful beaches in all Second Life. When I went back the next day, it was gone. One of the owners told me that they were changing just for the sake of changing. (Original Post Here)

I probably post 3-6 pictures a day to MySL so this is just a quick look at what I've been doing recently (Unicorns and cats and ducks! oh! My!). Check them all out here and then ask yourself "Why aren't I having fun with the Community via this unique resource?"

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