Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Trip to India!

Spending a bit of time in Real Life today so I've been following the MySL feeds and was pleased to see my friend Xandah found the Taj Mahal (or Taaj Mahal as they have it spelled in About Land) in Second Life in Lucky (SLurl). I asked her to take a few pictures for me and tell me more about it.

The structure seems pretty faithful to the original (see here) but she tells me it is very plain inside and far smaller than life-size, of course. I imagine the original would take more than a full region just for the building, let alone the magnificent grounds.

Despite using only about a quarter of the region (I should have asked if it was a Homestead or a full region), the build looks very impressive. Xandah told me that some men were there making a cushioned seating area for some planned live singers to entertain. Sorry I don't have more details, but I plan on stopping in myself sometime. Until then and just based on these pictures I recommend that anyone who likes architecture and/or Indian culture try to visit, too.

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