Wednesday, January 15, 2014



I really have nothing to do in Second Life.

The Isle of Lesbos is closed so no more landscaping or building or prepping or whatever the heck it was I did there for all those years.

The latest build in Bay City was 98⅔% my brother's work. I roughed in a pool and gave it to him then added some items per his instructions.

I'm not one for dancing so events/parties/shindigs don't hold much appeal to me.

Our home in Nangrim is more my brother's plaything than mine. Not that I mind as it is lovely and wouldn't change a thing unless I had more space and a higher LI count.

Others have offered projects for me to help with but I have no interest in the work or the venue itself (though it is a wonderful place and everyone should see it at least once).

Building things these days requires more skill, talent, and patience than I have of late. Mesh. It's a wonderful thing.

This whole lack of snapshots on the My Second life "feed" is a bummer depressing disheartening getting friggin' old. At least they are working on it.

Exploring doesn't have the allure it once did. There's lots to see and do in Second Life, but ...

I dunno.



Orca said...

I understand you perfectly. Sooner or later there comes a time when nothing is exciting or new or interesting anymore.

Probably has something to do with age.

This Saturday I'll turn 7 years old in SL, whoopee \o/ But somehow I don't even feel much like attending my own party.

And I have the most pretty, sexy, intelligent and talented gf now ... and am hardly able to show her all the attention she deserves. I'm just too caught up in my own boredom :(

Uccello Poultry said...

That's one of the reasons I'm bored. I see my SL wife about an hour a day, right before my RL bed time. Pretty much I'm alone most of the time.