Saturday, January 25, 2014

What's in My Closet? Dr. Caturday

Hot on the heels of several comments in several places this week that I'm not a fashionista, this is not a fashion blog, and that I really don't know clothes, it's time for another installment of What's in my Closet? Welcome to Dr. Caturday!!

My physics teacher in High School was a big Dr. Who fan going so far as to bootlegging episodes from the Interwebs and owning a scarf like Tom Baker's character (the Seventh Doctor) owned. I never got it. But when the re-boot arrived in 2005 I became a regular fan. My brother and I actually go to the living room, set aside our iPads, and sit to watch the show on the big 48" TV (rather than on the 32" in our shared bedroom). I don't own any Dr. Who clothes or memorabilia in Real Life, but in Second Life I do have a few related items.

Like this cute Patchwork Heart "Hello Doctor Kitty" crop top ($50; SLurl). It's a Gatcha item, one of seven transferable "prizes," with the shirt on all layers, prim sleeve cuffs (not shown), and appliers for Lola's Tangos 'primplants.' This one features a David Tennant's Doctor (the Tenth) with his 3D glasses and sonic screwdriver.

I'm also wearing Cold Logic's Lepore Brown Capri Pants (L$250; SLurl) and HOC's Aviator Style Glasses #003 (L$40; SLurl) modified for my kitty avatar and to have blue/red lenses as if they were for 3D. I could modify the "paper" ones I created but thought my usual glasses tinted would be cute enough.

Body parts? Pretty obvious there ... Puppy's Furry Mods "Maine Coon - Natural" mod kit ($L400; SLurl) for the Curious White Chinchilla avatar (L$800; Web), Lola's Tangos 'primplants' (L$1750; SLurl), and Black Maria's "Ruby" blonde punk hair (Many colors pack – Free! Web). I'm wearing most of my usual jewelry, too, including the wedding ring my wife made and my Magellan Linden Detector ring. SL wouldn't let my collar rez today.

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Dante Mikado said...

That's one cute kitty cat! :)