Thursday, January 23, 2014

Talk About Surveliance

Privacy has become more of an issue in the last decade as people become more and more connected via the Internet. Shops have devices that know when you walk through the door and pull up your shopping profile to send special coupons to your mobile device. WiFi users walk or drive by your residence and see your home network, no "sniffers" required as they can just open the Local Network settings on most any device you can name and they see everything. On the most basic, lo-tech level, people not nearly as skilled as the legendary Sherlock Holmes can simply look at you to have a very good shot at summing up your personality based on your Old Navy shirt, Levi jeans, Converse All-Stars, and the white earbuds cable snaking into the jacket you bought at The Gap (you never wondered why Apple made the cabling white in a world full of black cables?).

Now imagine a crowded street where you simply had to touch a button on your eyewear to have tags pop-up over people's heads to show real names, preferred names, and something about a favored affiliation. And others can see the same information about you.

Maybe like on this crowded sidewalk (thanks, Wikipedia) pictured above.
It would look a lot like this scene from the Violet Infohub (SLurl) shown below.

Never thought of it as a privacy issue, did you?

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