Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tub Thinkin'

Sitting in my tub today I managed to clear over 3,000 items from my Inventory while playing with some changes to my face, sorting all my eyes, boxing things up for storage, and thinking.

All this stuff we have in our second lives is just borrowed, really. The lack of available insurance against Inventory loss aside, the ease with which we can make changes to ourselves and our environments plus advances in the way things are created (not to mention the increasing talent of creators), older possessions we once couldn't live without can easily go by the wayside. Case in point: My Prismatic Natural Eyes from Santana Lumiere's Nevermore shop. Originally bought in 2006 (and blogged about here in 2011), they were about the only thing I didn't change about myself for five years. Today, I started wearing some eyes I had in my Inventory for almost two years thus supplanting a set I bought just yesterday.

Those eyes replaced ones I bought last year. Total Linden-cash equivalent? Probably less than L$500 total. And almost no thought at all. Click, click, double-click, wait, "ooooh! I like these better!!" For now, of course. I also deleted hundreds of hair pieces I have collected over the years (originals in Storage, mind you). Wham. Gone. Next?

I was so close to simply deleting the Never Worn folder at the top of my Clothing folder. Rough count would be about 30-40 outfits/items. Some I know I've never looked at in a year there. There are 29 product folders inside my Inventory's Received Items folder, most never opened. None are demos. The Demos folder has 22 items since I deleted all the skins I've been trying on. Easy come, easy go.

That was my exact thought when I peeked into my Christmas folder. Nothing has been dragged out of there in two years. Why not delete it? Most of it is backed up in Storage so what's the harm?

But the cows in the picture turned my thoughts 180º. I had one out for about a week after I bought it in 2007. Letting a pair of them out to graze this week is the first real use I've had for them. If I had slaughtered them wholesale in the past few years (with a copy in Storage) then they probably wouldn't be out now.

It's good that I emptied the Trash or I might be tempted to drag all that hair back out on the chance I might wear it soon.


Dante Mikado said...

Wowee, 3000? Way to go! (I know, it's all relative)
You gave me some great ideas for new folders I need to add, thanks :-)
Hey, do you have a previous post about your inventory organization, Uccie?

Dante Mikado said...

OMG, of course you do! Now I see one from just a few days ago (1/14).

Uccello Poultry said...

I have a few, Dante. Use the blog search and "inventory" (without the quotes) to find them. Probably the best is at

Dante Mikado said...
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Dante Mikado said...

Thanks, Uccie, I did look at the one you suggested and a few others related. Found some great ideas ... Much appreciated!