Friday, January 10, 2014


When my brother was working on the new pool on our land in Bay City (SLurl; his land, really) he added some fences because we all know that if an avatar falls off a 10m tall prim they are seriously hurt. I thought the barriers were attractive despite being a bit LI-intensive (5 LI for one section and linked post) for mesh. The next day I saw he had lowered the fences and I asked why. He told me "Try looking around at eye level."

With the camera in it's default position above my the eye level of my 1.81m (5.93") tall self I had not noticed that the fence was a bit more than protective. It was almost prison-like, the bars lending a bit to the impression, I'm sure. The shorter center section (1.25m vs. 1.531m) was much nicer, not only making the area seem more open but also allowing for a better view.

This camera position-created distortion probably explains why doors and windows in Our World are so out of proportion to what we might find under similar circumstances in the Real World. And I would not be surprised if both the distortion and the outsisizing of avatars are related, one affecting the other in a cycle.

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