Thursday, January 9, 2014

Introducing Splash - A Public Pool in Bay City

My beloved Pouloco Gas Station in Bay City Dennis is no more. Admittedly, I groused a bit when my brother, CC Columbo, asked me to build it for him but it gave me something to do and I enjoyed the challenge. His idea of giving me something to do long-term, however, failed. Neither of us took it seriously as a role play opportunity and I never took advantage of the retail space it provided. Basically it was just a pretty addition to Bay City, certainly (if I can brag) a step above the pre-fab gas stations that exist elsewhere in town. It might come back one day. I'm going to spend time with it in a sandbox to make it a better, more efficient build with better textures.

A combination of his trying to figure out how to put a swimming pool on our land in Nangrim but being stymied by Land Impact limits and his boredom with the gas station, CC decided to wipe the latter build and go for broke on a swimming pool. After watching him shop for pools at WaterWorks (SLurl) and reminding him that he had Siggy's PrimSwim water I offered to build a pool for him if he paid me half of what he'd spend on a prefab. Thusly, Splash – A Public Pool in Bay City (SLurl) was started.

These are CC's pictures. He used my computer since it has better graphics than his.

I don't know if that is a parking area or not, but anyone can rez things there (1 minute auto-return). That is his truck in Pouloco colors. The whole build almost had that color scheme.

CC asked me to put my vending machines in the snack shack. They are free so grab a Slurpee®, a soda, or some popcorn. You can also get a free copy of the Bay City Post, ride a flying bunny around town or hop on the ducky.

The pool I gave CC was smaller and square-ended with basic Linden textures. He modded the heck out of it and added the rest of the infrastructure including a small water slide.

There's a kiddie pool though no animations. I think he's shopping for some kid-sized ones. Plenty of seating for parents so they can watch their little sea-rats kids in comfort.

Plenty of towels around the pool and the one with the octopus has couples cuddles. Totally G-rated, of course. Be sure to read the pool rules about the sim rating and other necessities.

If you have The Swimmer from Siggy's (L$400; see here) you can swim in the water. Without it you can still use the poses or toobs or even the water slide. Good luck sitting on the lifeguard chair. He has it linked funny so it doesn't fly off into space but it's just for show anyway as we can't afford to hire someone to nap in it.

CC did a great job of filling the gas station's footprint without disturbing his grave yard or my teeny shack-home on the backside of the big wall. He tells me that he's still working on bits and tweaking, but isn't that the fun of building anyway?


ZZ BOTTOM said...

Why not to use Thor amazing swim hud, that is full perms and free and also his script to make prim water that any using that hud can siwm on?
Check marketplace for thor if you don't know his works!

Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks, ZZ. I'll suggest that to my brother. it's his pool. Then maybe he can set the free swimmer out for all to use.

alexa mendi said...

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Uccello Poultry said...

Thank you, Alexa! Very kind of you, indeed.

Adon Rio said...

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Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks, Adon. Not much to update. CC hasn't made any changes to the pool. He's likely to replace it with something else when the LDPW-made public pool is installed sometime this year. Likely I'll have a new post about the land at that time.