Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Topless Medieval Tuesday!

Happy Topless Tuesday!

The inspiration for today's look is the Forest of Dra'Mil in Tir Tairngire (SLurl) a nice role play sim owned by my friend Astet. She's done a lovely job putting it together and it's well worth a visit. When you arrive there's a box with info and a visitor tag right outside the tavern. Stop inside and look for a fresh-faced barmaid of unquestioned virtue for refreshments.

Welcome, traveler, to the Dra'Mil, meaning "deep forest" in an ancient, forgotten Sylvan dialect. May you find adventure, solace, or whatever you may be searching for.

As a new visitor to our realm, you are entitled to a free first drink and a joke!
*pours you a mug of something that looks vaguely liquidy*
Tell me traveller, what is brown and sticky?

A stick!!
Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Would you like to see more Topless Tuesday pictures? Then visit the Flickr group I created, Topless Tuesday in SL! Feel free to share yours there, as well.


Dante Mikado said...

Deeee-lightful! I even laughed at the joke.
Puts happy hour at my local bar to shame.

Orca said...

Uccie, you're of unquestioned funny. That you are.