Sunday, August 7, 2011

Burn2: Volunteers & Land

At first, I dressed as a chocolate cake, but I was told it is Desert Wear,  not Dessert Wear.
Waaaayyyy back in 2008 I was fortunate enough to win a parcel to build on for Burning Life (Web), the Second Life version of the world famous "not-a-festival festival" known as Burning Man (Web). Then I laid low for a few years, trying once more to win a parcel but then finding other things to do. This year, I'm back.

I'll be a Ranger at this year's Burn2 (Web), as Burning Life is know known. Before, during, and after the event I'll be helping make sure things happen harmoniously. Whether it I'll be tracking down lost prims, giving directions, mediating disputes, or helping other staffers, I plan on having fun, fun, fun.
The festival doesn't start until October, but volunteers are important year round! There are many areas you can volunteer and help out within whatever time you have available to commit. Your skills are needed or we will help you learn so that you can contribute. Please think about volunteering and be truly part of the Burn! Check out more info at
Of course, you can also get a parcel to set up your own art installation. Many have been assigned, but there are still some left.
Plots are now on wave3 and will be based on the donated sims.
One way to help the Burn is to gift a Sim for the Burn. For information touch the kiosk to go to the website or go directly to:

Monies from plot sales and donations are used to finance the sims for Burn2 event. This is not a Linden Lab sponsored event anymore, therefore in the spirit of the 10 principles of Burning Man - Radical Inclusion, Radical Self Reliance, Unmediated Interaction - We MAKE the BURN! Please help us Fuel the Burn in any way you can. We invite all sl residents to participate in one way or another. This is your Burn!
Its never too late to get involved but I'd recommend leaping in now so you can get the most out of Burn2

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Honour McMillan said...

Yay! Ms. Ranger you're shining example of the Burn :)