Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zyx Butt

Something I never consciously noticed in the Official Viewer because I seldom ran Ultra settings in Preferences > Graphics is the "Avatar Cloth"option. Since I've been enjoying lag-free use of Ultra with the Kirstens viewer, it's something I've noticed.

With that option active, your clothes "flow" as you move or even just on their own, it seems. I first noticed it when I saw my avatar's shirt flutter in filght then the cuffs her pants "wobbled" when she simply stood in place.

Now I've noticed that this skirt shows my butt cheeks a bit when it drapes low. It also drapes "interestingly" when I sit. Sure, I love this Explorer Lady outfit from Bare Rose (three colors, plus boots and gloves for L$150; Web), but I'm going to have to be careful if I'm going to remain modest. Well, only my wee pixy alt, pictured here, worries about that. But the outfit's front pockets  disappear when the skirt billows despite careful editing for the avatar's size. And like pant cuffs, the skirt moves as if it is breathing.

I thought I might adjust that with the clothing detail slider that ... wait, I must be mis-remembering. Wasn't there a clothing detail slider in the Preferences?

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