Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Noobie Builds & Windlight

The picture in question from The Lab's August Update blog post.
Hot on the heels of my "Why Full Bright?" post and my "A new term is needed" post about old-school builds and the inappropriate use of some build features, The Lab publishes a potentially attractive scenic picture in the "August Update" blog post supposedly demonstrating the benefits Windlight for a better experience, but in the picture is a large structure that is set to Full Bright, thus detracting from the overall effect. Honestly, I don't expect anyone at The Lab to read my blog (though I know a few do) so they know about this sort of problem thus increasing the chances of avoiding it, but I do expect a bit of common sense. Hire photographers. Use professionals. Steal something from the many Flickr pools and give attribution if you have to do so!! Or at least take lots of shots and let an informal selection of marketing people vote on which one should be used.

Dear Linden Lab:

You have my email address and my in-world contact information. If you find yourself in need a promotion picture of this variety again but of better quality, please let me know. I'd probably do it for free.

Uccello Poultry

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