Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cerridwen's Cauldron

The news about Grendels (see previous post) has shaken me more than I thought it would. Perhaps I put too much into my Second Life that when a fundamental change occurs in the virtual world ... no, I'm not going there.

I've given myself a good shaking and pushed myself back into motion. As magnificent as Grendels was, is, and will continue to be, I have to admit that the desert themes the ground level has taken over the last few remodels is not quite my style. I like forests and green and water and swamps and flowers and life blooming everywhere. After spending a good half-hour flying about the caverns of Grendels today I found myself drawn to the swamps of Cerridwen's Cauldron (SLurl; proceed to ground level via dragon, teleporter, or simply leaping off the edge of the building). Elico Ember's botanical artistry speaks for itself so here are some of today's pictures with little comment. Just enjoy.

Along the South is a quaint swamp-side lounge on a dock with a great view of an sea-based temple rising from the ocean. You can take a dragon gondola from here or simply fly about.
Some of the plants know you where you are and will follow you with their blooms, but the swamp is a safe, welcoming space.
These first three pictures were taken with the Zest Windlight preset and the Glassy water preset.
A modified Windlight preset was used for this picture to enhance one of the most peaceful views in the region. Be sure to look up if you find yourself in this spot for you are in a magnificent cavern.
The swamp is but part of the region's beauty. Upon arriving you'll be in the shopping area where you can purchase the items you see decorating the region as well as explore the singular architecture that is more organic than man-made. From there you can explore via a flying dragon or use the teleporters to access the swamp or the mountain that rises in the middle of it and its fantastical dragon temple.

Cerridwen's Cauldron, as much as Grendels, is a true Second Life treasure that always has something new to see and offers great role-play opportunities. I think you'll also find that simply reveling in it's beauty also cleanses one's virtual soul and freshens perspectives.

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