Monday, August 22, 2011


One of my SL friends bought a really spendy and detailed "Transformers" avatar. She can be a robot or a Chevrolet Corvette. So, being mildly bored and in a building mood, I grabbed the Stacey Vehitar from the free "vehicle" avies The Lab gives us and did some mods.

I had to run over this Meeroo after it tried to use me as a ... never mind.
Basically, I edited the linked parts to make it all pixy blue and added custom license plates from the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Not shown here are the tail light prims I added. Pink tail lights bothered me so I made red ones. I wish I could do something about the pink wall tires and I sooooo wanted to add my Epic pixy antennae, but they were No Mod. I might have to draw my own. I also made the paint glossy and made the glass very slightly transparent.

Blue? Pixy? Yes, this is my wee pixy alt, Zyx Flux. But I think I'll have to make a custom Vehitar for each of my alts now.

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