Monday, August 8, 2011

A new term is needed

A new term is needed to describe builds that look like they were made when Second Life was new and haven't been updated nearly a decade later. Not that this is bad, mind you. There are plenty of items at the Isle of Lesbos that are several years old or using build techniques that haven't changed over time. Due to careful texturing and component updates that include sculpties, most items look fresh and realistic (as far as my skills allow). What I'm referring to, however, are builds such as this place I found while map hopping:

The owner/builder has mostly taken care with the layout and it is generally pretty, but the textures are cartoony like most of the ones in our basic Texture Library while pose balls litter the build when "sitter" scripts could have been used (I'm still updating seating on the Isle to use these). I look at this and think "Its  2003 again!" I like this place and will probably visit again, but it is ... "off."

I don't want to say outdated. Heck, Jefferson's home Monticello home hasn't changed in a couple hundred years and Buckingham Palace is even older. But those are real world places, using the finest materials of the time that still look great today. And I'm pretty sure they get fresh coats of paint once in a while. In Our World, new paint comes in the form of better textures from more skilled artists. By itself, this upgrade can improve most any scene. Add in a few sculpties and everything gets even better.

Right. It costs money. And some folks don't have a problem with older builds. If it sounds like I do, then I'm sorry. Really, I don't. I prefer the newer looks, but there is a certain style to the older items. Just what it should be called, I don't know. What do you think?


SpaceCase said...

Hmmm... There's already permanoobs. So, maybe permanoob furnishings?

Uccello Poultry said...

Permanoob. I kinda like that. And I know a few avies that haven't changed their appearance in 8 or more years. That might work for the builds, too. Permanoob furnishings ... *thinks*

MarillaAnne Slade said...

Antique and Historical. Both words imply "Cherish me and pay dearly to have / visit me. :~)

Uccello Poultry said...

I hadn't thought of those terms, though "historical" implies it was socially relevant to a society's culture. Certainly, there are builds that meet that criteria in Second Life ... the late Lost Gardens of Apollo spring to mind, especially since it used a lot of old-school builds. Antique is more appropriate, i'd say. Thanks!