Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mesh Clothing

Xandah wearing the Free Hoodie from Damian Fate's Random Crap store.
As soon as I could, I rushed right out to Damian Fate's store to check on the prices of his mesh clothing templates and met someone I knew. She pointed out the free demo hoodie she was wearing. While I'm not one to wear brand names on my chest ... it gets enough attention as it is ... I had to grab one of these, too. Pretty sweet, if you have a supporting viewer, either the official one or Kirstens. If you don't have one, or people looking at you don't, here is what they see:

An in-world snap by JoyJoyJenny Bimbogami.
From a note card included with the hoodie:
- The arms are different colours, with our custom UV layouts, we can have different textured arms!
- The UV (the grid effect shown on this texture) is nice and smooth, no crazy bumps.
- The logos on the front of the chest and the back have no distortion, even over breasts. Now you can put lovely artwork (or store logos in this case) on the chest with no worries of wrinkles or distortion.
- The 'hood up' version is a fantastic example of how we can now join different body parts together with cloth that stretches and bends in a much more realistic way than sculpts could ever offer.
- The zipper is shiny, with mesh we can apply normal prim effects and asign several different faces so we can apply those effects to specific areas.
- Obviously, we can now also rely on physically modelled details alongside texturally suggested details which will provide us with a much more realistic and outlandish range of fashion options.
Also of note, with the hoodie on, whatever body shape you had before is gone. You DDD-cup women are down to a training bra again. No bust slider in the world will bring your girls back, but at least you won't have logos and text crushing into your cleavage. Part of what changes  your figure is an alpha layer below it that erases your body and part is the prim you are wearing wearing is whatever shape the creator wanted. One more item of note ... trying to right-click on it directly like you would any other attachment doesn't work so well. I had to "edit" my hair before clicking the hoodie.

In my excitement, I didn't look too closely at the prices, though the couple templates I looked at were L$2000 - L$3000 (see more here) with megapacks of everything for one gender about L$46,000 ... spendy, I guess, but not out of line with other clothing templates I've seen.

So, that's mesh. Look for a lot of it near you soon, either in odd, blocky form, or as a minor graphic miracle like in the first picture.


Rokeden said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention :)

I would just like to point out that the sample hoodie only included the 'average' size, I do have a larger breast size for all the meshes I offer.

I will update the demo box later today and provide the other sizes :)

Uccello Poultry said...

Awesome! You are a talented treasure :)