Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why Full Bright?

A hard day in real life running about with family to various appointments today meant that whenever I could get near a bed I made sweet love to it ... ZZZZZzzzzzzz. That gave my lazy brother a shot at the computer and, like he's fond of doing lately, he logged into Second Life. Lazy in that we have an older desktop computer sitting around doing nothing so if he really didn't want to wait for me to sleep to use the main computer he could get that connected.

The best pic that my brother, CC Columbo, snapped today, though we do have to have a talk about things growing out the heads of people in pictures. I don't know what preset he used, but I love the effect on the large wall blocking a tacky nightclub from the view of our house.
But that's an aside because I'm still sleepy. The point is that my brother made a few snaps for our "family scrapbook" and after I woke up we chatted a bit about how it is nice to live on the Mainland again while we looked over the pictures. We agreed that the Linden Homes we had were very attractive and a great value in terms of prim use, but the complete dearth of neighbors was disheartening. With our land in Nangrim, we see more people (at least on the mini-map) and the variety in the land use is entertaining. We have a few castles around us, a giant mushroom, a tacky nightclub, a Linden Highway, and more. The "more," sadly, includes Full Bright objects.

An unfinished skybox set to Full Bright makes the eastern view less attractive. The beverages on the table in our treehouse are also at Full Bright, but they are No Mod so we can't fix them.

One of the two castles near by, this one at ground level, is set to Full Bright for some reason, as are the trees of our next door neighbor. During daylight, you can hardly tell that anything is at Full Bright, but the trees look nicer set that way when the sun is up than if they weren't set so.
I guess that is one of the joys of Mainland, though ... some neighbors just make others look so much better. I'm kidding! I really don't mind. CC does to a point (he set up a wall to block a really tacky nightclub), but he tends to set full Noon all the time when he's in-world anyway so Full Bright doesn't bother him as much.

By experiment long ago with the same trees that our neighbor has planted, I learned that often plants like those look better in daylight with Full Bright on. But why whole buildings? I guess because someone liked the look. Since the castle in the one pic is full Mod, that person would probably be the owner. Other items on his parcel are not set to Full Bright and his profile shows he's a builder, so I'm guessing he could turn off the feature if he wanted to do so.

At this point in the post I'd like to point out that I'm still kinda sleepy so I have no idea where this meander is meandering to other than to ask "Why?" though to anyone specific or about anything specific. But I guess "Why?" when it comes to making certain decisions. Like why did anyone make the castle Full Bright in the first place? Mainland makes you think.

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