Sunday, November 17, 2013


In the past week I've been running with a herd of Drama Llamas in SL, though not by choice. It was really like multiple herds, however, as no two llamas (I don't think they know each other, either) were talking to me about the same topic. I heard about everything – and I'm going to be vague and evasive here – nearly every day via IMs, direct Profile messages, note cards, blog comments, MySL comments, and more sources. Let me summarize what I heard ...

*gasp* Drama!
Caca ga laalaa da doo laa gaagaa ya goo doodoo dada. Ga drama-bye goo goo icky ya gaa doo dada laalaa ya. Goo doo bow-wow goo gaagaa gaagaa gaga yaya gaa widdle laalaa laalaa. Doodoo drama yaya laa googoo doo gaagaa gaagaa yaya dada goo dada. Yaya vroom-vroom ga doodoo doo da. Doo da gaagaa gaga mama gaagaa laa goo gaagaa gaa. Ya doo gaa gaa gaagaa googoo gaagaa googoo yaya goo dada gaga. Ya da yaya ga dada googoo drama gaga yaya. Ga laalaa gaga gaga dada laalaa doo I'm an ass doodoo ya goo gaa da. Googoo doodoo gaga laalaa googoo laalaa gaagaa doodoo laalaa drama gaa yaya laa. Googoo goo googoo ya laa gaga ga gaga. Doo googoo laalaa gaagaa laalaa doodoo gaga laa da ya laalaa. Da drama gaga ya da ga laa ga gaagaa gaagaa dada doo doo. Gasbag gaa goo doo ya gaagaa drama-coo. Googoo gaa ga gaagaa laalaa. Gaagaa laalaa gaga gaga goo goo gaa. Googoo dada da ya bye-bye da. Doo googoo ya Lady Gaga uppie gaagaa laalaa da da. Doo gaagaa gaa dada gaagaa dada doo-doo googoo drama. Doodoo doo.

Sorry. No theater degree here so I don't do drama. I'm more of a light-comedy kinda girl. Sci-fi along the lines of Firefly and Star Trek – nothing serious – and watching classic Perry Mason episodes is as close as I get to drama.

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