Monday, November 4, 2013

Everyone Has A Twin - The Monday Meme

Sean Brady's Cool Beans Gacha "Yard Sale" is a very photogenic location (SLurl).
An old adage states that everyone has a twin somewhere and I find it to be surprisingly true. The other day my brother bumped into an online photo treasure trove loaded with pictures of his daughter,   Lydia, images which were hitherto unseen by us. Readers of this blog may recall that Lydia passed away quite a few years ago when she was about two-ish so a find like this was tremendous. As we pored over the images we speculated that his ex-wife must have digitized a slew of her albums. Then we found pictures of the little angel with an infant and we speculated that this was the little girl his ex-sister-in-law had but whom we never met. Even the names on the files were right.

Then we read that the Lydia in the picture was "now" (not sure what the author meant by that, but the pages were old we discovered) 13 years old. And a picture of this girl's father was on another page.

Doppelgänger. Twin. Spooky. Sadness.

How often does this happen? With everyone ever alive, I say. And, according to the  Winter Jefferson-inspired Monday Meme from Strawberry Singh this week (see here), the same bit of freaky crosses from the real to the virtual (and vice-versa ... if you've been in Second Life long enough, you've seen one of the many Angelina Jolie clones – or other famous copies – running around Our World).

Meme Instructions: Share a selfie of your avatar and a picture of the person you feel most looks like your avatar, or someone people have told you looks like your avatar or someone you tried to base your avatar’s looks on. Don’t forget to share your meme pictures in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.

Onward! Using the Celebrity Look A Like Generator mentioned in the blog post with a picture I once had in my Profile, it turns out that I look like Morgan Freeman. Sooooooooooo I logged into SL super fast and shot the pic at the start of this post so I could try for better something else. Not that Mr Freeman isn't a handsome man, mind you, as well as a talented, kind-hearted individual, but I rather hoped my avatar was a bit more femme than that particular stage and screen legend. Lo and Behold! The Generator now thinks I look like actress and all-round hottie Morgan Fairchild. An amazing name coincidence, to be sure, but more importantly, a better result in my eyes. Could be worse. I could look like Winona Ryder.

Oh. Crap.


Anonymous said...

lol that generator first couldn't find my face (even in three close ups) then matched me with Richard Gere.

I moved on...

Tsuki said...

Haha, so you look like Taylor Swift AND Jeniffer Lopez. I can't imagine a couple of women so different one from the other. xD That generator is very inaccurate, but something very fun to do. :)

Strawberry Singh said...

That story you told about your bother and the pictures is so spooky and sad at that same time. As for you looking like the Morgans, the inaccuracy of that generator has been giving me laughs all day, lol!

Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks, Pics, Tsuki, and Strawberry! I'm afraid to let anyone know what it has done with an RL pic of me.