Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fun With Maps

One of my favorite ways to explore Our World is to Map-Hop – Open the Map and double-click on a region at random. Sometimes it is not so random as I often zoom in to see some detail and then aim for something that looks interesting. It's almost like using Google Earth or one of the many mapping sites on the Interwebs. Here are a few interesting finds, but I won't list the SLurls so you have to open the Map to visit (and explore, I hope).

This one has been changing rapidly over the last few days. Maps can be quite ephemeral.

And why could these regions be sacred? Check where your Linden gifts are delivered from.

The region at the top is changed seasonally. You really must visit and see what it looks like from sea level or just above.

Everyone loves The Hand! It's not often you see embossed land, in this case the sea bed, but it is not uncommon to find regions in the shape of things like animal paws, symbols, and other familiar things.
UPDATE (Wed Nov 13 20:05:26 2013) I just heard from AlmostThere Inventor. You should check out Frantastica! Someone is now famous!!

Okay, you may think she was famous thanks to The Drax Files but her picture on The Poultry Report seals it.
Do you have a region that everyone should see via the Map? Post the name or the SLurl in the comments. I'd love to see them.


Linn said...

I just finished one of the old Aminga 500 kickstart screen.

See it in

I have also made some of the other ones that you see if you scroll the map around from Ravenia:

Damsel Mall
Pirandello Bay
and the 3 hub logos

Uccello Poultry said...

That looks cool, Linn!

Linn said...

thanks :)

unfortunately i have to take it down now as i need the prims for other stuff. This just got to prim heavy, but once i started on it i had to finish it.