Thursday, November 7, 2013

I Wonder

With magnificent buildscapes, magical experiences, and myriad opportunities, Second Life is full of wonder. But there are times I wonder about other things in Our World ...

I wonder how our avatar appearance choices might change if we could look at Our World only in Mouselook rather staring at our fannies as we do now. More than a few people I've met have chosen a specific gender for their AVies s simply because they'd rather look at a more appealing rear end than their own RL gender's butts.

I wonder what might happen if a major social media company decided they needed to compete with Google's Cloud Party and bought Second Life from Linden Lab or simply bought the whole shebang. The Lab has made several attempts to make Our World a social space but has failed at every step. There's still a chance to revive MySL, but I don't see it happening.

I wonder what impact a desktop OS-like window pane system for Inventory, Landmarks, and other content might have upon Resident retention and even population growth. As I sort my inventory I can't help but think every few minutes that the antiquated DOS-tree directory format impedes even simple maintenance let alone full management.

I wonder how many current Linden Lab employees would be Residents of Our World if they weren't employees at The Lab. Further, how many former "Lab Rats" are now private citizens among us? Torley Linden and a few of the LDPW Moles are among the few active Lab employees that I see simply "living" with us and not just logging in to work.

What do you wonder about?

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Orca said...

I'm far from being an expert on computah stuff, also I'm dabbling with these things since DOS times and for me the tree system was always a given and I found it a very simple and easy to manage system.
When I see the modern stuff, like Win 8's tiles and so I get nervous ticks from brain overload. I don't know, does the new generation really not see the beauty of a simple logical system? Are they so scatterbrained they need scattered desktops as well?