Saturday, November 2, 2013

Odd Stuff

This picture has nothing to do with the stuff in this post. I just like it.
Stuff wouldn't go into a cube: When I tried to put some Copy-able Halloween hair from Argrace into a cube for storage each item had to be dragged one-by-one. Trying to select everything in the folder then dragging would not work at any location on any day or even after a cache-clear relog. Turns out some 50% of the stuff I tried to put away gave me the same issues, regardless of maker, type, &c..

Name Tags mean that you know everyone's Stuff: Not sure why, but for the last month it has disturbed me that Second Life name tags let me see who is around me at all times. When I'm at the doctor's office I know who is who by face ... though sometimes I forget names ... but when I'm someplace unfamiliar I have no idea who is near me. Are we giving up some modicum of privacy because of name tags or the hover tips that show us an avatar's name?

Fetching Stuff: My Inventory has been in "Fetching ..." mode for a week now, even after a cache thrashing. Maybe it is time to do a clean install ... and buy a new computer.

This is an alt I need to log in sometime on a Linden Home I used to have and she's using the Dolphin viewer. She's still a member of that viewer's in-world group, I think.
Viewing Stuff: Why does the Firestorm viewer require me to relog after about an hour to clear increasing lag? It uses the same basic settings that I chose in the Official viewer. The latter refuses to rez many to very many textures since the most recent upgrade (and my installation of the Apple Mavericks OS). I miss the Exodus viewer and if I could afford to pay the coder a salary to bring it back, I would.

Second Life Stuff on my iPad: Now that everyone in our house uses iOS 7 on our iDevices (including a new pair of Air iPads) it's harder to hide my Second Life .... the risqué pictures for Topless Tuesday, for example. I need to turn off sharing pictures so I can get back to using the some fine apps to edit and enhance images. Now if only The Lab could get a decent app to run. This thing has a desktop-grade processor in it, for cryin' out loud.

Some Stuff is meshy: As creators become better and better with making mesh, I've noticed that the scale of some items is becoming more realistic, even doorways. Maybe the end of the 7-foot blonde is nigh? I bet it has to do with creating things off-world in software such as Blender where one isn't influenced by the avatar and existing unrealistically-proportioned stuff.

I wish Mesh had been around when the Empress Isle was built. And Advanced Lighting. It was a lovely place. The whole Lesbos archipelago was beautiful.


Orca said...

Cube: I once tried to stuff a lot of old stuff into boxes. Gave up after an hour of tedious labour.

Name Tags: can be turned off. I do it sometimes in sims with many avatars to become less laggy.

Fetching: not a SL problem but individual network.

Viewing: not a problem for me on Singularity viewer on a 64-bit Linux system.

iPad: these things were made to generate profit for Apple in the first place, not as useful machines to run a highly complex virtual world.

Mesh: \o/ YAY! \o/ When mesh is used correctly (for real stuff, not for clothes) it indeed makes SL so much more realistic and beautifullerer ... and it scales much nicer too.

Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks for the reply, Orca!

Name Tags: I usually leave mine off and in busy places I'll turn off everyone's.

Fetching: I'm hardwired via a CAT6 cable to a 60MBps Internet connection. 16MB RAM 2.8 GHz Inetl i7 processor. I'm blaming the Lindens.

Viewing: SL doesn't support my graphics card.

iPad: Got a new iPAD Air. My brother runs Google's Cloud Party on it. I think The Lab could manage if they tried.