Friday, November 22, 2013

SL Premium Gift Winter 2013

The Lab has updated the Premium Gift! You may recall that previous editions have been mostly vehicles (see here) that have eventually gone on to be items you could buy via Amazon. com (like this set). This gift is themed for Winter holidays – Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah (though you can't tell by the spelling of some object names that the latter holiday was included – The Lab has typos, too) – with decorated trees, wrapped presents (empty), themed bears, and even whole dressed dining tables brimming with food. I hopped to my favorite Premium Gift Kiosk (SLurl) and grabbed my set as soon as I could.

Included in the box I got was a note card with some helpful information:
Happy Holidays! 
This set includes tables and chairs for three different scrumptious dinners, plus other holiday decor! Everything can be copied as many times as you wish. 
The dining sets are "coalesced" objects -- each is a table and six chairs, coalesced into one inventory item with the proper chairs-to-table relationship. Once you've rezzed the table and chairs, you can move chairs around, or remove some if you don't have five other people for dinner. See the article on coalesced objects at:

The "Ham Dinner" has a Land Impact value of 20; the "Brisket Dinner" has a LI value of 19; and the "Turkey Dinner" has a LI value of 16 (very low-fat!). You can light or extinguish the candles on the tables (and on the other decor items) by clicking on their wicks. 
Separate from the dinner tables are some other decor items -- candles, a menorah, a poinsettia, a garland and wreath; a variety of gift boxes to scatter about, and two decorated trees. The "Lo Detail" tree has a Land Impact value of 15; the "Hi Detail" tree has a Land Impact value of 26. 
There is a family of holiday teddy bears, including two that have "carrying animations" -- when you Wear the "Holiday Teddy Girl" or "Holiday Teddy Boy" you'll be hugging them to your chest! 
And there's a "Holiday Hat" to wear while distributing presents!
There is an awful lot of stuff in the box. I can't fit it all on the screen!!
All items are No Mod (so no fitting the hat to your avatar) and No Transfer (so no using the boxes to wraps the presents you give out. You'll need a mesh-capable viewer (but who doesn't have one these days?) and a place to unpack the box. Since you are a Premium member, might as well hit Sandbox Bricker (SLurl) or use Search to find another.

Here are some pictures with my impressions in the captions:

The bears are cute. They are based on the ones created for the last SL birthday celebration by Bonnie Mole.

One of the dinner tables has a full perm item ... can you find it?

The seats are animated and most offer to attach a knife and fork when you sit. They poof when you stand.

I'm so friggin' hungry now. This looks so delicious I'd be tempted to leave it up all the time. Thank you, Ancient Mole!

The trees are nice. I might put one up at the Pouloco station. Thank you, Crazy Mole!
So, there you have it. Another nice prezzie for being a Premium member. I'd love to hear how you plan on using these items so leave a comment if you post pictures somewhere, let me know and I'll take a peek.

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