Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Got Tier?

A number of years ago when I spent almost all my time on the Isle of Lesbos I had actually given up my Premium member perk of owning land so my allotment of free tier was wasted until a friend came up with an idea ... give it to him! Did you know that you can donate your allotment to any group to which you belong? This allowed him to expand a friendly little community that did good in Our World. After a couple  years I needed it back and I'm still using it today, but I was rather pleased to see my friend Dakota Schwade post a request along these lines on her MySL feed here. I contacted her about it and asked if I could blog about it since I don't have any spare tier at the moment and it is for such a worthy group. So here goes ...

NCI / New Citizens Incorporated Tier Donation

NCI has had to rely upon a few large tier donors in recent years. The problem inherent with that situation is that if one of the donors has to remove their tier donation, the land associated with the group may be placed into jeopardy.

And that is what has happened recently. A donor removed 6,000 square meters of tier donation (6,600 square meters which includes the 10% bonus given to tier donated to a group).

Ideally, NCI (and perhaps other groups as well) would prefer to rely upon a larger group of smaller tier donors, so that the loss of one or two donors has a reduced impact.

With that goal in mind, NCI is trying to secure tier donations from Premium Account members who (1) are not using their 512 square meters at all, (2) are perhaps not interested in using their Linden Home anymore and would consider abandoning it, or (3) have a fragment of tier remaining that they could donate.

So how do I go about this? Check out this NCI Wiki page for details.

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