Monday, July 18, 2011

The Aquarium Club

One of the on-demand clubs at The Isle of Lesbos is a new, non-recycled concept ... a giant aquarium!

Of course the "glass" is set to phantom, otherwise folks can't get into the Aquarium Club and they'll miss out on the gallons and gallons of fun within.
Looking out the front it's easy to see the highly detailed and totally unnecessary water filter, the required diver with treasure chest, and the fishies which are really swimming about.
The club is a bit of a cheat since it is based on the Stone Heart Club that I built for The Empress Isle, an extension of Lesbos that no longer exists. It also became the basis for other clubs but I won't resurrect them. But one day I was looking at the "stonehenge" part of the build and thought it would look good in an aquarium.
This club was actually started some time ago, but there were too many technical issues to carry through with it at the time. Recent changes to the Isle made it easy to finish the build and just in time, too, as DJ Csar and Hostess Thea plan on using the club tomorrow (hence the signs seen in the first pic).

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