Monday, July 11, 2011

The Duchy of Camelaird

I've been a fan of weapons from Punchinello Philin's Gryphon Lair for some time now and I love to visit his authentic medieval region, The Duchy of Camelaird (in Winterfell Gryphondale; SLurl). There he has beautifully laid out the pre-fabs that he also sells. While the buildings are probably too clean and unweathered, the landscape is very natural with appropriate vegetation harmoniously planted.

When you land you'll be in the Winterfell Haven structure, some 1202 prims (unfurnished) and only L$14,000 if you want your own copy or if you want to buy one for me. Several structures surround this common area, many suitable as residences. One is filled with vendors for weapons and the pre-fabs you see in the region.
Leaving the small village and heading toward what appears to be an older settlement, you'll find a healthy young crop. In the distance to your left you can see the top of the castle. On my back is my Gryphon Lair Zweihander sword ("Female Size" if you believe it), one of my favorite blades. Look close and you'll see a notch for the Orc I took down in Mystara.
Looking westward into the village, across the bridge from the castle (not shown)
Similar angle but from further out shows how compact the build really is despite the spacious feeling you get when walking around (no flying, probably for your own good as the region is damage enabled). The castle will take a while to explore so plan your day accordingly. And if you want to buy one of these for me, too, feel free.
I could sit at the base of the castle enjoying this view for a very long time, it is so beautiful.
So how did I find this place? First I map hopped from a near by region that has a shop for Gryphon Lair. Then I was given a landmark by my brother who did the same thing but does collect LMs. However, entering the region has been hit-or-miss as if it is closed to the public at times, maybe for the owner's role play activities. He's often there, but you'll probably see a ^ for Punchi on the Mini-Map, almost directly above where I'm sitting in that last picture, likely far up in a private build area.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to head back into the village to get some supplies ...

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