Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Forlatt Fabrikk 2011

By request, the Isle Manager asked me to set up my Abandoned Factory Club as my next build for rez-on-demand system at Lesbos. I had my Snow Globe Club ready to go, but a few technical snags hit so I started work on her request. For the most part, it required no major changes from the first time we used this popular build, but I took the opportunity to tweak a few things and to generally fit it to the current space.

Outside I added a road to one side and a taxi cab to enhance the urban environment. I'm glad I toyed with the Windlight settings for this shot as I hadn't realized that the taxi's headlights were set to be light sources. A quick edit later and a re-snap and here's what I have ... outside the Forlatt Fabrikk, Inc factory at dusk. I might add a few sickly trees.

Inside the club with my custom-made graffiti textures and a seating area for where I intend to have the stripper pole go when folks rez this build. Not shown are a couple dingy mattresses and the stereotypical barrel fire. The DJ booth is partly custom, borrowing heavily from some freebies.
Once this is installed, I'll get back to the Snow Globe Club then tackle a gem that I loved but was never used, my Builder Club, somewhere to party for all diehard Second Life builders.

When builders add little details it shows, in my opinion, how much they care, so I try to do the same. Here are some pigeons near the sign that I did my dangdest to make look like was falling off it's attachment pegs like I've seen on RL buildings in need of maintenance. Click the pic then zoom in as much as you can ... I put in pegs!  In most things I build for Lesbos I like to add bits to amuse our Norwegian big boss, Janeforyou Barbara. Can you figure out what I did for her?

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