Thursday, July 21, 2011

Imminently Meshed

According to a new blog post from The Lab, "The first round of rollouts of mesh will be happening over the next few weeks!" (Web) so fantastically-rendered creations like this dinosaur skeleton (from this September 2010 Linden blog post) will soon populate Our World if you have the right viewer installed. However, if you also want to create such magic, you must first complete a Question/Answer-style tutorial about intellectual property. I breezed through it with flying colors despite never having studied the subject because it was one of those common corporate training tutorials where the obvious answer is always right. Disappointing, actually, that guessing works as well as actual knowledge since the ability to change your answer if you manage to guess poorly really makes the idea of being informed moot. Only after the 10 questions do they give links to Web resources they think might be helpful to understand the complex ideas that they marginalize with the tutorial.

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