Saturday, July 9, 2011

Go Inside the Snow Globe

When you visit the fabulous landscaping shop Arctic Greenhouse (SLurl) you'll see a snow globe (pictured below) and will be tempted to click on it ... do it. You'll get a landmark that will take you to another spot in the region where you can explore the landscape you saw inside the snowglobe. And my golly, it is gorgeous. Check out these pix but go see things for yourself!

This is the snow globe inside the shop. Another is outside near where the landmark takes you, or you could simply fly around as the landmark is rather superfluous unless you want to save it to visit the region again ... and you probably will.

Of course there is a greenhouse. And it is filled with stunning plants, landscaping items, and a full-perms builder's area in the basement. Click the lava-themed portal near where you land and you'll be whisked off to the snow globe's core. While there, relax with coffee and donuts or play some games for prizes.

The landscape seems relatively normal, but a look to the sky shows the other-worldly environment from which the region probably gets it's name: Alternate Reality. The pearlescent moon floats majestically by and you can board the larger of the the two airships you'll find in the sky.

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