Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Sunday In-World

Lately I've been in a building mood but haven't really had a goal or an idea, so I've been puttering around the Isle of Lesbos making sure the trees are still in the ground, stray prims from others haven't gotten loose, and general maintenance. I've also finalized two tours of the Isle using the YavaScript tour pod system (SLurl). And I took some time to spruce up the newly renovated North Beach, home to my Teeny Bikini Bar by adding a spiral slide and some seating. While this sounds productive, it has been a rather lazy day over all.

When I first tried to activate shadows for this shot, everything turned black and I eventually crashed. No, that isn't the depth-of-field feature making part of the background blurry. The textures simply took longer to rez than I wanted to wait. But I did tweak the haze in the sky and set my graphics to Ultra.

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