Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gallery Gift Shop

The Gallery Gift Shop (SLurl) is a quirky sort of place, not because of the scenery or the structures, but that it seems to be more art gallery than retail shop. And then rather have the shop focus on one creator, the retail portion is made up of goods from many vendors (such as doP Kidd, hiroy Boa, Lindsay Rozen, Pandora Popstar, and a wonderful free prefab studio structure from Lindini2 Lane, along with others) presenting a rather eclectic selection of items. The shop itself is a delight, but the art is what held me there.

The wall art, according to an info note card, comes from SL's Flickr artists, but no Web addresses are listed.
I spent well over an hour wandering the rather small space, closely admiring works from the many, many artists represented (Agatha Latte, Pumpkin Tripsa, Khyle Sion, AM Radio, Yaskui Beck, and Trindolyn Beck, and Cory Edo, to mention just a few). Just about anyone should be able to find a sculpture, some fine wall art, or creative landscaping (yes, it's an art, dammit!) they will find breathtaking. The curator(s) arranged the selections tastefully and in a pleasing fashion. I felt like I was at a fine, yet casual, museum.

Be sure to step outside the shop to look about. Many hands cooperated to make this harmonious landscape. I can hardly wait to see what it looks like every four weeks!
According to a note card that came with a souvenir bunny sculpture (on the 2nd floor of the gallery), "This special event will be on a 4 week rotation. Items sold will be discounted, exclusive, transfer, or new released here first!" I'm marking my calendar to come back at least every four weeks.

I'm pleased to see AM Radio represented here, but he is just one of several prominent SL artists showcased.
I would be remiss if I didn't thank SpaceCase at The Virtual Vagabond blog for finding this shop and writing about the freebie inside (which I then shamelessly posted on the LKC Blog). One of the best ways to explore Second Life is to see where other folks write about. The effort to post, while often trivial, shows an appreciation and value.

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SpaceCase said...

I'm happy to you enjoyed the gallery, and thanks for the shout out. I really appreciate it! :)