Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mainland Treat: Memorial Park

One of my particular delights in Second Life is exploring the Mainland. Often I'll just open up the map, zoom out, and then double-click on a random spot to teleport there. Other times I'll find a road or a railroad and follow it to look around, rezzing a vehicle if I can.

Another delight is CC Columbo's (my RL brother!) return to Mainland. He has a Linden home, but last May he found a parcel in Nangrim that he had previously owned and it was for sale. Cheap. So he bought it and rebuilt the Memorial Park (SLurl), a site dedicated to my niece/his daughter who passed away some years ago, just like when he first lived in Nangrim. Well, maybe not "just like" in appearance. The new incarnation is, in my opinion, much prettier because sculpty prims, better textures, and a better viewer experience combine to make his current design much more attractive.

A birdseye view of the Memorial Park, a "standard" 512 square meter parcel. To the left in this picture is north.

When I watched CC build he ignored all my input with a kind silence, slapping my hand but once as I reached for the computer mouse, but as I had hoped, he did put in a couple chair so folks can sit and enjoy the view.
I was surprised when he pulled the fairy statue from his inventory and a pond just like I own, though I later learned that he had snuck the latter out of my inventory while I was in the shower earlier that day. The only change he made after finishing is the addition of the cooler near the chairs. I've asked a few times if he'll put a memorial stone in like has at his house but he never answers. In the old park he had a board with clickable prims that dispensed note cards with information about his daughter and the disease that took her life, Metachromic Leukodystrophy.

Yes, it has been a couple months since he finished the Park, but the lack of memorial and his silence led me to believe he is looking for a bit of privacy so I haven't specifically blogged about his effort. But then again, he is on Mainland and the parcel is open to all. And I think it is one of the most beautiful small builds in all Second Life. I'm proud of what he's done and think it needs time in the spotlight.

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