Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Faces

Some time ago when The Isle of Lesbos first tried the idea of "clubs-on-demand" for our events, I had a very large space to work in so I created a run-down warehouse district with a trendy, neon-lit club inside an old building and I called it Faces after the panels of black and white portraits around the perimeter of the dance floor. Not long after when I needed a spacey theme structure for Second Life's 6th birthday expo (click here for earlier blog posts about SL6b), I adapted the interior to a "pressure dome" to make a "habitat" suitable for the environment.

We had to make our builds look like they existed on an alien moon or asteroid or something. The sims were always set to Midnight so the glow I put into the first Faces club worked well here. Instead of b/w portraits, the panels had pictures of couples from the Isle and scenes from around the Isle. You can see an early version on the Pride Club in one panel.

When the on-demand clubs were moved to a different place, I adapted Faces to fit the new space. I took the SL6B build, put the original portraits back and made it into a sort of pier on the bay, pictured at left, so it would have beautiful views of the sunrise and nice scenery the rest of the day, even past sunset. I'm happy to say our staff used this club very often.

So I'm tickled pink to bring it back to the Isle as we again try the on-demand clubs idea. I've already created a giant aquarium to use but I wanted to feature Faces first, so here's the new one!

A viewer bug won't let me get a prim count, but it is all linked in just five chunks. This will be a cinch to put in the club rezzers. The major new item is the mask sculpture. I was a bit miffed at myself to see I had errors in the orginal build(s) from which I got these parts, but happy that I was able to fix them and more efficient ways to link the parts.
I'll be featuring other clubs in up-coming posts. All my faves should be coming back, hopefully enhanced, and maybe some new ones, like the Aquarium Club.

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