Monday, July 25, 2011

L$2000 and Some Land

I've always been a fan of the Gardens of Dreams (GOD) "skyboxes," but whenever I have the money to get one, I don't think of them. And when I think of them, I don't have the money. Worse yet, every time I visit the shop (SLurl), I swear I find new skybox scenes that I want to buy. Here's the latest L$2000 goodie that I've lusted after:

The Hidden Cove. Available in-world or on the Marketplace.
It's only 270 prims so I know a few places where I could rez it without upsetting the land owners about prim limits so long as I cleaned it up when I was done, but it takes up 55 meters of space on each side, so finding a place to rez it without going over property lines might be hard.

When when I get it, the problems will really start. There are at least four other scenes that I want. GOD has a wonderful Roman bath, a great treehouse, a gorgeously detailed provincial village, and an ocean habitat bar rather like one I started a few years ago but infinitely better than I would have made.

Second Life is truly magical, but rather spend, huh?

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