Thursday, July 21, 2011

Builder Club

Another idea that I worked on some time ago but was never used for events at the Isle of Lesbos was my Builder Club. With the current effort to have a number of themed options I think I can sneak it in.

From the entrance side ... Yes, these textures are correct. Everything is based on a builder's platform. I added sculpty bushes in an animated texture pond and trimmed a couple prims, but otherwise everything is just as I first imagined it. In this pic I'm thinking about how I could had some particles.

From the backside ... The texture vendors were made by Prospero Linden (now Prospero Frobozz) and dispense free textures to anyone who wants them. The clock on the table in the lounge area has been set to "Buy for L$0" and is also based on Prospero's scripts. I especially like the directional "light" in the middle. I often use this exact item in big builds to help me remember the cardinal directions.
Hopefully I'll have this installed in the next couple days then I'll probably take a break before starting on an all new build, a Graveyard, and then an alien planet idea I have rolling around. That will probably do it for me unless someone has other ideas.

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