Sunday, July 3, 2011

SL8B: Closed

The Second Life birthday celebration is over for another year and the exhibitors are tearing down their builds. Many just delete and go while others work in a bit more fun. My friend Marianne McCann had fireworks and then demolished her build with fire and explosions, letting the prims fall where they may, then she packed up her van and drove off.

Some, like me, leave little gifts such as signs saying "Thanks for the fun!" and the so forth. Last year I left out bumper boats in my pond for the remaining builders to use and for the Lindens to enjoy when the sims were later closed to all but them. They must have had some fun because it was at least a month before they returned things to me. This year I added a little flair, dropping a copy of the Isle of Lesbos Teeny Bikini Bar on my parcel then putting in the bumper boats. On one wall I posted pictures of Marianne, her friend Pygar, and me three anonymous exhibitors having fun with an administrator whom we found away from his keyboard (Web).

Fun with bumper boats at my SL8B Bar.
Thank you, Linden Lab, for letting us Residents play a little bit and celebrate Our World together. And big thanks to all the volunteers and builders behind SL8B. I had a great time and I hope you did, too. See you for the ninth birthday, I hope!


Me said...

nice picturing...great..nice artical and publishing by you...appreciate on you...thanks for giving detail..

happy after reading your blog....


Anonymous said...

Loved SL8B this year. :)